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Stardust Acrobatics

Hire Aerial Performers to perform at private events to add a sophisticated touch to your next party.

Sky Craft's premier aerial troupe performs under the name Stardust Acrobatics and is a dazzling combination of aerial dance, acrobatics, and circus.
Stardust Acrobatics’ mission is to bring the circus and smiles to their wonderful audiences, and demonstrate the beauty of aerial movement art.
They specialize in aerial fabric, dance trapeze, lyra hoop, corde lisse, and handstands, and their aerial artistry can be customized to private parties, corporate events, arts shows, festivals, weddings, kid's events, and more.
Catch the Stardust trio - Erin Welch, Rachel Adams, & Becca Ezekiel - hanging out and flying high near you!

Aerial Performers: About
Aerial Performers: Instagram
Aerial Performers: Pro Gallery
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