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Look ma, no hands!!!

In this Mother's Day workshop, mom and kid pairs will get to explore some super fun tricks on aerial silks, lyra, & trapeze.

These workshops are geared towards children ages 6 & up, even adult kids, with any experience level and moms of any age and experience level, so long as they bring their sense of adventure.

Honorary mothers are invited, too! 

We will play fun warm up games and get a taste of the circus life with aerial silks, lyra, & trapeze! 

Only one participant needs to enroll to reserve the space for the two of you. Do NOT enroll both participants.

This workshop is for:
- Kids ages 6 & up, even adult kids, who would like their mom to have a taste of flight
- Any mom who wants to spend an afternoon hanging (literally) with their kid, age 6 & up
- Any partner who wants to gift their kiddo and significant other a unique, super fun experience to celebrate Mother's Day

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